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1. Can I meet you first?

Yes, we will arrange to meet at your home for a free initial consultation with you and your pet(s), without obligation. We will explain our service, show you our insurance details and testimonials. Then if you’re happy to proceed, you will then complete all the necessary documentation and sign a service agreement. If you want to use us on a more regular basis, you will only ever have to fill in paperwork once (unless you move).

2. How much do you charge?

Please refer to our tariff tab/section for a full breakdown of costs, if you are unsure please do call or email.

3. How do I pay?

Payment is weekly/fortnightly/monthly. We accept BACs, cash, cheque (one week prior to service commencement and your departure) or credit card. We accept most major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard and AMEX via our PayPal business - invoicing account. (If you dont have a PayPal account don't worry. You can select to pay your invoice with your debit or credit card as a PayPal Guest. Simply select this option on the Paypal checkout screen, once we have invoiced you).

For regular dog walking payments, we ask you to set up a standing order - weekly in advance - to debit from your account, each Friday.

* All services are required to be paid in full a week in advance and prior to your departure. 

Currently there is no VAT to pay on our prices.

4. Do you charge a cancellation fee?

Yes we do. If cancelling, minimum 48 hours’ notice is required, otherwise the missed service will be charged at the full normal rate. This policy is to compensate us for lost revenue from turning away other business to honour your booking.

5. What areas do you cover?

We provide dog walking and pet sitting services in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, please visit our are ‘areas covered’ on our website for an extensive list or alternatively send us a email or phone to check. Please note a £5 surcharge is applicable, if we are travelling outwith a 4 mile radius from our EH13 postcode.

6. Are you fully insured?

Yes, we hold full public liability insurance (£5 million), along with key cover insurance. Policy Number: PBB0615004. You will be provided with a copy of our insurance certificate when we meet.

7. Are you police checked?

We are fully police checked. Disclosure Numbers: 200000003794212 & 200000001198162. Evidence of our checks will be displayed in our portfolio which will be shown to you on our first consultation.

8. How often will you walk my dog?

We can walk your dog as often as you wish – anything from one walk a week up to two walks a day, seven days a week. We provide services 365 days a year - however costs for all pet services delivered on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Hogmanay, New Year’s Day & 2nd January double rates apply. All other Scottish public & bank holiday visits throughout the year, including Easter Friday and weekends. Mornings before 9am and evenings after 6pm, attract an extra charge of £5 per visit or walk.

9. Do you allow dogs off the lead?

Yes, with your written consent and only in safe areas away from roads. We also need to be confident that they will return when called. If you are concerned about your dog’s ability to obey a recall we will keep them on a lead.

10. How long does each walk last?

Each walk lasts for a minimum of 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on whether it's an individual or group. You can have one walk or two walks a day (although this can be increased if you so wish).

11. Will you walk my dog in all weathers?

Yes, regular exercise is vital for your dog’s wellbeing. For this reason we walk in all weathers, so you can be confident that your dog won’t miss its walk – rain, hail or shine (the only exception being extreme weather conditions which may present a risk to the safety of your dog). And when we’ve finished our walk, we’ll make sure his/her coat and paws are towelled down and that he/she has plenty of fresh food to eat (if required) and water to drink prior to us leaving!

12. Does my pet need to be fully vaccinated and vet registered?

Yes, we are only able to take on pets that are vet registered. We will record your vet’s details on our veterinary release form and ask you to leave an emergency contact number in the unlikely event there’s a medical problem. We also require all vaccinations to be up to date (puppy home visits excepted).

13. My dog doesn’t always get on with other dogs. Does this mean you are unable to walk them?

No, if your dog is uncomfortable around other dogs, we offer a solo dog walking service, where we will take your dog for a 30 minute walk alone (or longer, if needed).

14. Are you able to administer my animal’s medication?

Yes, whether they are diabetic or arthiritic, we have lots of experience in how to administer medicine to your pet, either via injection or orally - providing you show us where the medications are kept, the frequency and how it is to be administered. This also needs to be provided in writing, signed and dated.

15. Do you walk all breeds?

Providing it is legal we do not discriminate against a dog on account of its breed. We will meet your dog before we walk it and so long as we feel comfortable there won’t be a problem.

16. Are you familiar with the laws concerning dogs?

Yes, having gained a qualification in Dog Walking & Pet Sitting (NARPS), we have a good knowledge of the law and also familiar with the Animal Health & Welfare Act (Scotland) 2006.

17. How do you collect and drop-off my dog?

We come to your home and collect your dog and drop him/her back after their walk. If you require us to walk your dog during the day whilst you’re at work, etc. we shall require a key to enter your home. Please note that we are fully police checked and insured to walk and care for your dog.

18. Does my dog need to wear a collar and tag?

Yes, The Control of Dog’s Order 1992 requires that a dog wears a collar and tag, or disc showing the name and address of the owner. However we recommend getting your dog or cat micro-chipped, at a cost of around £20-30 from your vet or sometimes even free at certain veterinarians.

19. How many dogs do you walk at a time?

We walk a maximum of four dogs on each walk, per person. This ensures they have our full attention and remain safe. If you would prefer your dog walked on its own we also offer solo/individual walks.

20. Do you use treats?

We do use the occasional treat during a walk to reward good behaviour, unless you request otherwise.

21. How will you transport my dog?

We feel that dogs would be distressed at being placed in a crate in the back of a noisy van with several other dogs, so we would not do this to one of our client's dogs. If we are going out, your dog will be safely transported in our car using one of our various sized dog seat belts. This gives your dog the chance to lay down or look out the window comfortably and watch the world go by. 

We also have dog ramps for the elderly or shorter legged doggies, to get in and out of our vehicles with ease.

22. What kind of pets do you look after?

It’s not just dogs and cats we look after. We look after smaller pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchillas and rabbits. If in doubt just give us a call…

23. What do you do on a pet visit?

On each visit we’ll typically clean your pet’s food and water bowls, fill up again and clean all litter trays and cages (this service is chargeable) as necessary. Above all we give your pet(s) lots of cuddles and spend time playing with them. We also water plants, open and close curtains and take in mail, if you wish.

24. Is my house and key safe?

The security of your home is of paramount importance. At our initial visit we will practise locking up your property with you. Key collection is then agreed at our first consultation meeting. To give you peace of mind your keys are always kept locked in a key safe. There is no personal information kept with the keys, they are coded for our information only and can never be traced to your address. We are criminal record checked and you will be shown this document at our meeting.

We are just a telephone call away in an emergency situation. If you accidentally lose your keys or lock yourself out, get delayed at work or stuck in traffic, please don't hesitate to call us. However, we will only agree to meet and let in the person(s) we have met at our first consultation.

Please note there is chargeable cost, if we have to pick up or drop off keys each time we visit your pet. Although this is free, if we are provided with a spare set upon our consultation or you’re more than welcome to drop off to us at a convenient time.

For your reassurance, we also hold key cover insurance in the impropable instance keys are lost or stolen.

Our cars have magnetic signage which we use for advertising, which can easily be removed. Therefore not bringing attention to the fact you are not at home.

25. What happens in the event of an emergency with my pet or property while I’m away?

In the unlikely event of an emergency we will inform you immediately. Or if we are unable to get in touch with you, we will then proceed to reach whomever you have allocated as an emergency contact. If your pet requires veterinary attention, we will transport it to your allocated vet or the nearest veterinary surgery, depending on the degree of urgency. We are fully trained in Pet First Aid, via our NARPS accredited dog walking and pet sitting course. We also carry our first aid box on our person on each dog walk and also have a backup kit in our vehicle for visits. We can show you a copy of our certificates when we meet each other.


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